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Welcome to Elegant Entry Doors

Elegant Entry Doors is a top supplier of factory direct exterior entry doors for Toronto and surrounding areas. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will help you design a perfect entrance door for your home and guide you through the entire process seamlessly. Design options are endless and we constantly research the market to keep up with the latest trends for modern, traditional, and contemporary entry doors. A big factory direct showroom is open to public with professionally trained staff here to help you in a door selection process.

Our highly skilled installers will always take the final measurements before the order goes in production ensuring a perfect fit all the time. We provide free estimates to our customers which could take place either at the place of residence or at our showroom. Showroom visits are highly encouraged as we have a huge selection of styles, color options and hardware here to explore. Choosing your perfect entrance door has never been so easy, so book your estimate today and let us show you what we have to offer!

Why Choose Us

Toronto Factory Direct Entry Doors

Because we manufacture our own door systems, we are able to customize the sizes to ensure a perfect fit and smooth installation process. Using only top of the line components to assemble door systems, our customers can be rest assured that their entrance door will be built to the latest highest standards in the industry. 

The manufacturing process involves using the latest, state of the art CNC machinery with all the painting and staining also done on site. Our water based painting technology not only ensures a perfect semi-gloss finish for all the steel doors but is also environmentally friendly.
With over 15 years of experience in staining woodgrain fiberglass doors, our shades of stain will always come out looking natural and will last for a long time. Buying direct from the manufacturer will eliminate the middleman, therefore ensuring the customer will always get the best price.

March 10-19

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The National Home Show!!!
The North America’s largest display of innovative products, new ideas & great deals for all things home & garden

This is a unique opportunity for you to meet our team, learn about our latest entry door models, receive an additional discount for installation, and see how we can assist you with your needs.
We look forward to seeing you there and answering your questions.

Top Quality Exterior Doors for GTA Homes

Elegant Entry Doors specializes in sales and manufacturing of steel and fiberglass door systems in GTA and surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of styles and configurations such as single doors, double doors and doors with sidelites and/or transoms. Our highly trained product specialists will help you choose a perfect door style to suit your home whether it is modern, contemporary, or traditional. Glass options include decorative, wrought iron, or simply clear and privacy glass. All of the glass for our entry doors is tempered to ensure safety for the homeowner. Also, we can proudly say, that all of our entrance doors are completely maintenance free and are covered by an industry leading comprehensive 10 year warranty. 

Before & After Entry Doors Replacement

In order to ensure a professional and smooth entry door installation every time, we never subcontract any installers or outsource any labor force. Our highly skilled and trained installers are all in house and are held accountable to the highest quality standards in the industry. We replace an entire existing door and frame with a new prehung door system complete with brickmoulds and sill assembly. During the installation process, expansion foam is used between the jambs and studs of the house as well as caulking application to eliminate the water going through the gaps. This process will ensure that there are no more air leaks or draft passing through the door. Our team of installers take pride in every project they undertake to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with the final product.

Exterior Doors Toronto- Before
Exterior Doors Toronto- After
Front Doors Toronto- Before
Front Doors Toronto- After

Factory direct pricing on custom Exterior Doors

Door Types Traditional Contemporary Modern Craftsman
Single door $1000 – $2800 $1300 – $3100 $1450 – $325 $1150 – $2950
Single with one sidelight $1500 – $3300 $1800 – $3600 $1950 – $3750 $1650 – $3450
Single with two sidelights $2000 – $2800 $2300 – $4100 $2450 – $4250 $2150 – $3950
Double door $2100 – $3900 $2400 – $4200 $2550 – $4350 $2250 – $4050
Double door with two sidelights $3100 – $4900 $3400 – $5200 $3550 – $5350 $3250 – $5050
Door Types Traditional Contemporary
Single door $1000 – $2800 $1300 – $3100
Single with one sidelight $1500 – $3300 $1800 – $3600
Single with two sidelights $2000 – $2800 $2300 – $4100
Double door $2100 – $3900 $2400 – $4200
Double door with two sidelights $3100 – $4900 $3400 – $5200
Door Types Modern Craftsman
Single door $1450 – $325 $1150 – $2950
Single with one sidelight $1950 – $3750 $1650 – $3450
Single with two sidelights $2450 – $4250 $2150 – $3950
Double door $2550 – $4350 $2250 – $4050
Double door with two sidelights $3550 – $5350 $3250 – $5050

What Our Customers Say

Questions You Wanted to Ask About Entry Doors

Woodgrain fiberglass entry doors are a top choice when it comes to strength, durability and style for today’s residential consumers. These doors look like natural wood without requiring any maintenance. Steel doors are also very popular and are known for their strength and cost efficiency

Both steel and fiberglass door systems will offer you very high efficiency. They are insulated with high density polyurethane foam to ensure excellent thermal insulation. A NAFS certified door system will also ensure there are no drafts or air leaks from around the perimeter of the door frame.

A new front door is an excellent investment for the homeowner. Not only it greatly improves the curb appeal of the house but also maximizes the energy savings and efficiency. New front doors also tend to be a lot more secure against any break ins.

A good quality entrance door should last for at least 30-40 years. A homeowner should be careful in choosing high quality components which make up a door system, according to the industry’s latest standards to ensure strength and durability.

Map of installation 2022
Map of installation

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