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Enhance your home's curb appeal with our durable and stylish doors, custom-designed for the unique needs of Oshawa residents

Energy-Efficient Entry Doors in Oshawa.

At Elegant Entry Doors, the quest to change up the aesthetic of your home starts with our grand selection of exterior doors. We have an unsurpassed selection of entry doors specially designed to give your home a brand-new look while still providing top-notch energy efficiency and home security. Our staff works diligently, paying attention to every last detail, to ensure that your doors are installed securely.

It is a well-known fact that the installation of new entry doors contributes to lower energy costs. As well, new doors will certainly do wonders to improve the curb appeal of your Oshawa area home. Therefore, our doors are a noteworthy investment in the future of your home.

Ready for an upgrade? We are the leading choice when it comes to exterior doors in Oshawa. Elegant Entry Doors provides cost-effective products without skimping on quality. All our doors are designed to withstand the elements with the highest standards of functionality, energy efficiency and elegance.

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Factory Direct Exterior Doors

As creators of our door systems, we enjoy the ability to custom-fit sizes for perfect installation and seamless integration. We prioritize quality, choosing only the finest materials to ensure our entrance doors meet the highest, most up-to-date industry standards.

In our production, we harness the latest CNC technology and handle all painting and staining right here on our premises. Our commitment to eco-friendly, water-based paint technology guarantees a flawless semi-gloss look for all our steel doors. Boasting over fifteen years of experience in staining woodgrain fiberglass doors, we deliver stains with a durable, natural appearance.

Buying directly from us removes the need for intermediaries, allowing us to offer our customers exceptional prices without sacrificing the quality of our doors.

Oshawa Fiberglass and Steel Doors Catalogue

As the sole manufacturer of our products, we have the capacity to custom design our entry doors for optimal fit, ensuring a flawless installation. Here at Elegant Entry Doors, our top priority is high quality, therefore we use only the finest materials to warrant that all of our doors adhere to even the most rigid standards in the industry. 

With the most advanced CNC technology, our doors are designed from start to finish on our premises. We are committed to using only water-based, environmentally friendly finishes, paints, and stains. You will love the seamless semi-gloss look of our energy efficient steel doors. Those who prefer a wood-grain appearance should opt for our elegant fiberglass doors

With over fifteen years in the industry, we strive to abolish the middle-man to ensure that we offer our customers high-quality products at the best rates. We provide optimal value without compromising on quality. 

Features & Options

Creating the ideal entrance for your Oshawa home starts with choosing the right features and options. Elegant Entry Doors offers a diverse selection of enhancements to personalize and secure your entryway.

Glass Inserts: Wide range of styles, enhancing door aesthetics.
Lock Sets: High-quality, stylish locks in modern to traditional designs.
Multi-Point Locking Systems: Superior security with advanced locking technology.
Lock Handles: Diverse designs for customized door aesthetics.
Pull Bars: Sleek, modern pull bars in various sizes.
Accessories: From hinges to weather stripping for a complete look.

Factory direct pricing on custom Exterior Doors

Door Prices Started From*TraditionalContemporaryModernCraftsman
Single door $1000$1300$1450$1150
Single with one sidelight$1500$1800$1950$1650
Single with two sidelights$2000$2300$2450$2150
Double door$2100$2400$2550$2250
Double door with two sidelights$3100$3400$3550$3250
Door Prices Started From*TraditionalContemporary
Single door $1000$1300
Single with one sidelight$1500$1800
Single with two sidelights$2000$2300
Double door$2100$2400
Double door with two sidelights$3100$3400
Door Prices Started From*ModernCraftsman
Single door $1450$1150
Single with one sidelight$1950$1650
Single with two sidelights$2450$2150
Double door$2550$2250
Double door with two sidelights$3550$3250
* The door’s final price will vary depending on the location, design, materials, and installation.

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For Oshawa’s climate, fiberglass is the best material for an entry door due to its durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to weather conditions.

The safest entry door material is steel, known for its strength and security features, making it highly resistant to forced entry.

The steps are: remove the old door, prepare the opening, dry-fit the new door, ensure it’s level, secure it with screws, install trim, seal with caulk, and add hardware.

Sliding patio doors are better for saving space and modern looks, while garden doors offer traditional aesthetics and full opening for ventilation. Choice depends on space and style preference.

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