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Why Patio Doors are Awesome?

Patio doors fulfill a specific set of needs for your family, requiring them to be easily operable and clean for enjoyment, while also prioritizing strength and a secure locking mechanism for safety. At Elegance Entry Doors, our patio sliding glass doors are meticulously crafted to provide a lightweight feel for effortless operation, yet with robust components to withstand the elements and ensure the safety of your family. Although installing patio doors is more complex than regular front doors, our expert team is adept at doing it right.

Explore various options with our team to find the perfect combination of beauty, functionality, and energy efficiency for your patio doors.

Benefits of Patio Doors:

  1. Light enough for easy use by children, yet sturdy enough to offer reliable security.
  2. The multi-chambered design allows you to enjoy the outdoors without letting in noise and moisture into your living space.
  3. The materials used in constructing our patio doors make them easy to maintain, ensuring they remain clean without bending or rusting after cleaning.
  4. Patio doors are draft-free, providing an unobstructed view and access to your yard without causing concerns about excessive energy bills.
  5. Nylon tandem rollers ensure smooth and noise-free opening and closing of your patio doors.
  6. The right choice of patio doors enhances natural light entry and offers an improved view of the outside, making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Sliding Patio Doors for GTA Residents

For those fortunate enough to have a backyard in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), maximizing its enjoyment is a priority. The vinyl patio doors from Elegant Entry Doors (EED) offer a solution that ensures uninterrupted access to the outdoors without compromising on security or comfort.

In Canada, sliding patio doors hold significant importance, and Elegant Entry Doors understands the significance. We invest considerable effort in ensuring the quality of construction, delivery, installation, and service. Our expertise allows us to transform even the smallest spaces, creating a more expansive and enjoyable living experience.

Selecting the right patio door can amplify your living space, allowing for more sunlight and fostering a lively atmosphere for outdoor activities, such as games and backyard barbecues with friends. With a diverse range of designs available, our team is dedicated to helping you choose the perfect combination of elements that seamlessly complements the aesthetic of your dwelling.

550 (WELDED PVC) Patio Door

Strike the right balance between an authentic look and outstanding efficiency with a 550-patio door. It can be bought in a double or triple-sealed unit that uses less energy and is very comfortable. The exceptional finish makes it ideal for renovation projects. Installation is easy thanks to a wood/PVC frame. Consider enhancing your patio door with the appropriate accessories, such as a grid or integrated mini-blinds in white or grey. 

630 (PVC) Patio Door

The 630-patio door is the outcome of 35 years of expertise from Novatech. Beyond its modern and streamlined design, this door stands out as one of the most adaptable options in our product range. 

Engineered with easy installation in mind, it incorporates numerous features that ensure seamless adaptation to various construction types.

Additionally, it delivers superior energy efficiency, meeting the standards set by Energy Star.


Elevate your outdoor space with our high-quality patio doors. The distinct brilliance of its aluminum cladding sets the Element door apart. Offered in a diverse array of colors, this door allows seamless integration with your decor at no extra cost. Customize it further by choosing from a wide variety of configurations or adjusting brightness with integrated mini-blinds available in white or satin grey.

Imagine (Welded PVC)

Transform the aesthetic of your home with a high-quality structure that excels in efficiency. Elevate your patio door by adding attractive accessories like grills. The low-maintenance frame seamlessly combines the strength of wood with the durability of PVC. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and enhanced energy efficiency with reinforced, mechanically assembled PVC panels featuring double weatherstripping. Tailor your space with this sophisticated and efficient patio door option.


Set apart by its exceptional energy performance, Urbania combines clean, simple lines with a large glass surface and a contemporary-styled handle that effortlessly complements your home. This patio door prioritizes both comfort and energy efficiency, thanks to innovative thermal breaks and weather-stripping. The all-aluminum frame guarantees not only its modern aesthetics but also its sturdy construction.


Experience an extension of your living space with the Loft patio door. Its lift mechanism ensures the easy and smooth movement of large panels, providing unparalleled airtightness when closed. With two panel configurations instead of three or four, it embodies a contemporary lifestyle and creates a captivating atmosphere. This door excels in safety, durability, ease of operation, and energy efficiency, making it one of the premier choices available.

Garden Doors

Opt for garden doors as an exquisite substitute for glass sliding doors, perfect for your backyard entrance or balcony, allowing more natural light to illuminate your living space. This energy-efficient alternative provides numerous customization possibilities while effectively shielding your interior from the elements. Choose from a variety of decorative glass, grills, blinds, and latch mechanisms to tailor the appearance to your preferences. Our installation experts possess extensive experience, ensuring they are well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to install your garden doors with utmost reliability. Like all our other door options, the construction and materials guarantee that your garden doors will operate seamlessly for years to come, providing excellent insulation and reducing your energy bills.

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