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Why Patio Doors are Awesome?

Patio doors are a very specific need. For your family’s enjoyment, they need to be clean and easy to open and close. For your family’s security, they need to be sturdy and provide a strong locking mechanism. At Elegance Entry Doors, that’s exactly what you get. Each one of our patio sliding glass doors is manufactured to feel as light as a feather for easy operation, but built with sturdy components to keep the weather outside and your family safe. Patio doors are not as easy to install as stand front entrance doors, but our team of professionals has the experience to get it done right.

There are a lot of options to choose from. Work with our team to select the best combination of beauty, function, and energy efficiency.

Patio Doors Benefits

  • Patio doors light enough for children to use, and sturdy enough to offer reliable security.
  • Multi-chambered construction gives you a clear view of the outdoors without allowing noise and moisture to enter your home.
  • The materials use to construct our patio doors ensure a zero maintenance experience. Aside from a little cleaning, you won’t have to worry about upkeep due to flexing or rusting.
  • Patio doors are draft-free. Enjoy your view and access to your yard all year around without having to worry about excessive energy bills.
  • A nylon tandem rollers ensure that opening and closing your patio doors is an enjoyable experience. No squeaking, no seizing.
  • The correct choice of patio doors will allow more natural light inside and a better view of the outside. This adds a tremendous amount of curb appeal for prospective home buyers.

Sliding Doors

Anyone who lives in the GTA and is fortunate to have a back yard to appreciate will want to make the most of it. Vinyl patio doors from EED will provide you with uninterrupted access to the outdoors without sacrificing security or comfort.
Sliding patio doors are a big deal to Canadians. This is why Elegant Entry Doors puts so much effort into the quality of construction, delivery, installation, and service. We go well out of our way to ensure that even the tiniest of spaces are transformed. 

The right sliding patio door will provide a lot more visual space, a lot more natural light, and an environment that encourages playing outside and patio dinners with your neighbours. There are many styles to choose from and we are prepared to help you select the best combination of components to match your home’s style.

550 (Welded PVC)

Strike the right balance between an authentic look and outstanding efficiency with a 550 patio door. Available in a double or triple sealed unit, it offers superior energy efficiency and an unparalleled degree of comfort. Its outstanding finish makes it perfect for renovation projects. Installation is easy thanks to a wood/PVC frame. Consider enhancing your patio door with the right accessories, like a grid or integrated mini-blinds in white or satin grey.

630 (PVC)

The 630 patio door is the result of 35 years of experience at Novatech. Beyond its sleek contemporary style and exceptional performance, this door is also the most versatile in our product line. Designed with ease of installation in mind, this door boasts a multitude of features that make it perfectly adaptable to your type of construction while providing superior energy efficiency that meets the Energy Star standard.

Element (Hybrid, PVC/Aluminum)

Bring character to your space with our high-end patio doors. The impeccable finish of its aluminum cladding is what sets the Element door apart. This door comes in a wide range of colours, so you can match it to your décor at no additional charge. Customize it even more by choosing from a broad range of configurations and/or by filtering the light through integrated mini-blinds in white or satin grey.

Imagine (Welded PVC)

Give your home a signature look by opting for a high quality structure with outstanding efficiency. Consider enhancing your patio door with attractive accessories, like grills. The maintenance-free frame combines the strength of wood with the durability of PVC. Unparalleled comfort and better energy efficiency thanks to reinforced, mechanically-assembled PVC panels with double weatherstripping.

Urbania (Aluminum)

Urbania stands apart with its unrivalled energy performance. Its clean and simple lines, large glass surface, and well-paired contemporary-styled handle are sure to blend perfectly your house. This patio door’s innovative thermal breaks and weather-stripping ensure comfort and energy efficiency while the all-aluminum frame guarantees its sturdiness.

Loft (Aluminum)

Loft extends your living space into the outdoors. Its lift mechanism ensures the large panels are easy and simple to move while providing unparalleled airtightness when closed. Two panel configurations — in lieu of three or four panel — define contemporary lifestyle and breathtaking atmosphere. Safe, durable, easy to operate and energy efficient, this door is one of the the best.

Garden Doors

Garden doors are an elegant alternative to glass sliding doors. Choose this style for your back yard entrance or balcony to provide more natural light in your living space. This energy efficient option provides tons of customization options while keeping the weather out. Choose your preference of decorative glass, grills, blinds, and latch mechanisms to achieve the look you desire. Our installation experts have seen it all and will be prepared with the knowledge and tools to install your garden doors in the most reliable way. As with all of our other door options, the construction and materials ensure that your garden doors will function like brand new for years to come and will provide superior insulation, keeping your energy bills at a minimum.

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