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Discover the perfect blend of style and durability with our premium fiberglass and steel doors, tailored for Oakville homes

Energy-Efficient Entry Doors in Oakville.

As the leading provider of factory direct exterior doors, Elegant Entry Doors serves both Oakville residents and the surrounding regions. Our comprehensive selection of exterior doors offers a wide array of options for stylish entry doors. From timeless, classic front doors to creatively customized exterior doors, we provide options suited to every style and taste. Our selection of doors compliments every style of home, from historic to contemporary. Every one of our durable and energy efficient exterior doors provide both superior performance and style. Allow us to elevate your home with inspiring entryways that offer a warm and welcoming vibe. 

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Factory Direct Doors

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Factory Direct Exterior Doors

As one of the leading manufacturers of exterior doors, we have the capacity to customize the size and design of our products. This ensures our entry doors are a perfect fit that elevates the curb appeal of your home. We guarantee that our doors are designed within accordance with current industry standards.

We use innovative technology to produce high quality energy efficient doors. As well, all painting, staining, and customization is done in-house. We utilize eco-friendly water-based products on our steel doors that result in a flawless semi-gloss finish, With over fifteen years experience in producing high quality fiberglass stores with stained finishes that are both elegant and natural in appearance. Purchasing exterior doors direct from Elegant Entry Doors eliminates the middleman, allowing our customers the best prices for exterior doors without compromising on quality.

Oakville Fiberglass and Steel Doors Catalogue

Explore the durability and elegance of fiberglass and steel front doors, designed to cater to any architectural style, whether modern, traditional, or contemporary. Fiberglass doors offer the beauty of wood without the upkeep, combining resilience with energy efficiency. Steel front doors, known for their strength, provide unmatched security and durability, ensuring peace of mind. Both options come in a variety of finishes and can include decorative elements, such as glass inserts, to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Customizable to your specifications, these doors promise a seamless fit and installation, setting the standard for excellence.

Features & Options

Creating the ideal entrance for your Oakville home starts with choosing the right features and options. Elegant Entry Doors offers a diverse selection of enhancements to personalize and secure your entryway.

Glass Inserts: Wide range of styles, enhancing door aesthetics.
Lock Sets: High-quality, stylish locks in modern to traditional designs.
Multi-Point Locking Systems: Superior security with advanced locking technology.
Lock Handles: Diverse designs for customized door aesthetics.
Pull Bars: Sleek, modern pull bars in various sizes.
Accessories: From hinges to weather stripping for a complete look.

Factory direct pricing on custom Exterior Doors

Door Prices Started From*TraditionalContemporaryModernCraftsman
Single door $1000$1300$1450$1150
Single with one sidelight$1500$1800$1950$1650
Single with two sidelights$2000$2300$2450$2150
Double door$2100$2400$2550$2250
Double door with two sidelights$3100$3400$3550$3250
Door Prices Started From*TraditionalContemporary
Single door $1000$1300
Single with one sidelight$1500$1800
Single with two sidelights$2000$2300
Double door$2100$2400
Double door with two sidelights$3100$3400
Door Prices Started From*ModernCraftsman
Single door $1450$1150
Single with one sidelight$1950$1650
Single with two sidelights$2450$2150
Double door$2550$2250
Double door with two sidelights$3550$3250
* The door’s final price will vary depending on the location, design, materials, and installation.

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In Oakville’s varied climate, fiberglass doors offer the best balance of durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance, closely followed by steel for security and wood for natural beauty.

Whether inward or outward, door swing depends on your preference, space, and local building codes, with inward being more common for residential entry doors for safety and practicality.

Choose locks or hardware based on security needs, door material, and aesthetic preference, considering options like deadbolts, smart locks, and handle sets for optimal security and style.

Select steel or fiberglass doors with foam insulation and weather stripping for energy efficiency. Ensure professional installation for a tight fit and proper sealing against drafts.

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